Register a Property

Do you have a property that you’d like us to asses for its suitability for film, TV or photoshoot locations?

Home or residential property?

If you would like us to assess your home or other private residential property please send a brief description, a few photographs and, if available, a floor plan to
Please note that we are looking for a variety of types of residential properties from all the different periods and styles. It doesn’t have to be ‘chocolate-box’ pretty (but we like those too). If it’s different, a classic, quirky – we’d love to hear about it and the grounds and gardens are just as interesting too.

Business Premises or Property Portfolio?

If would like us to assess a business property or portfolio of properties for suitability as locations, please send a brief description and any photos or site plans to
Please note that, as well as commercial buildings, we are also always looking for other commercial space such as underground car parks, large plots of land, roof-tops and commercial estates. For a film scout a corridor or stairwell or a ‘brutal and ugly’ building can be just as exciting as something classically stylish.